For many people, Christmas is their favourite time of year.  If you have children or grandchildren then you are likely to have some very excited people in your home.

Unfortunately, the season of good cheer that is mostly about peace, joy and goodwill to all men still has people who will take advantage.  At Safe Simple Secure, we want you to have a fantastic Christmas so here are our top home security tips.

Car Security & Christmas Shopping

Ensure that Christmas presents are not on show in your car.  Always keep them in the boot or covered up. Try not to do one big shop for presents so that people can see you taking lots of parcels and bags into your property. Spread out your Christmas shopping so that you’re taking only a few bags home at a time. Also, do not leave presents overnight in your car, as if you are unfortunate enough to have your car stolen, at least the thieves won’t have ruined your Christmas from one point of view.

Christmas tree

Lighting at Home

Consider getting a timer for Christmas lights and don’t just have them on at the same time every day. Alternate the timings so that they come on maybe one day in the afternoon to look like you might be working from home, and other times at 5pm. Try and not repeat the same pattern each day.

Burglar Alarm & CCTV

If you do have a burglar alarm or a home CCTV system, don’t let decorations get in the way of any sensors or cameras. Make sure your cameras have a clear line of sight and are not obscured by Christmas decorations or a Christmas tree, especially if your decorations move with the wind.


As at any time of year, make sure that all accessible windows are closed and locked when you are not in your property as especially at this time of year, some thieves become very opportunist and will try any gap to access your property. Remember that they may think nothing of forcing their way in so don’t give them any leverage to make it easier for them.

Christmas Present Display

Although it may seem traditional, it’s best not to leave presents under the tree (Santa can sort that on Christmas Eve) especially where thieves can look through your window if you are on the ground floor. Consider blinds to block the view but still let light in so that thieves cannot make mental notes about the layout of your property and where high value items are located. If you do want to have a Christmas display with boxes etc, consider wrapping empty cardboard boxes so that if the worst does happen and you are broken into, you will not have lost all your gifts.

Christmas Present Storage

If you are storing gifts in an outside area such as a garage or shed, make sure that the locks are of a good standard or your CCTV covers that area. Consider getting a wireless burglar alarm if you store high value items like mountain bikes.

The cost of installing a burglar alarm or even home CCTV has reduced in recent years especially with wireless alarms. It may even reduce your home insurance premium.  Having good home security will put off a potential thief if there is somewhere else nearby with no security.  Security camera film will help catch any intruder.  Reduce the chance of your Christmas being ruined by installing a Safe Simple Secure residential security system.

christmas tree with wrapped presents