You’ve put a lot of work into building your business. It makes sense to protect it, especially when the latest crime figures show that burglaries and other thefts are on the increase. Unfortunately, any business can be a target, whether it’s because you handle a lot of cash, or have valuable equipment and stock. The security measures that are right for you will depend on the kind of business you operate, so here is our guide to keeping your business premises secure.

Why you need good security

When it comes to business premises security your first thought might be about protecting your stock and equipment. If your IT equipment or manufacturing components are stolen that could cause serious disruption to your business and a loss of income. If you’re a cash-heavy business at risk of being a target for robbery, good premises security can also play a part in protecting your staff.

There are other good economic reasons for protecting your premises too. Vandalism is a serious concern for many business owners and can result in damage that disrupts your business and leaves you dealing with a clean-up operation and repairs. Improving your security systems can help to prevent that and it could even lower your insurance premiums too.

Security around the clock

If you’ve already considered the security risks that your business faces, you might be inclined to believe that your business is most likely to be a target when it’s closed for the night. This may be true for your business, but it’s worth considering how you can protect your premises at other times too. CCTV allows you to monitor your premises 24/7 and can act as a deterrent during opening hours. This is particularly true if you run a retail business that’s open for the public to come in and browse.

It’s also worth thinking about whether you need to restrict access to your premises, or to certain sections of it. This could be to prevent theft of your property or your employees’, or even to maintain good data protection and health and safety. We offer a variety of access control systems that can be tailored to suit your needs and give you the level of protection you need.

Out of hours protection

As you probably already know, your business premises are most likely to be at risk of a break-in when they’re closed. Good access control is the first step towards ensuring that only authorised individuals can enter the building. Of course, that may not always prevent a break-in. If your premises are targeted you have a couple of different options to help you minimise the impact.

Firstly, CCTV can act as an early warning system if an attempted break-in is in progress. It also allows you to see if anyone has entered the building and to take action whilst they’re still inside. Should the worst happen and your business suffers a theft, you’ll also be able to capture stills of the offenders to pass to the police.

We also recommend having a robust alarm system installed. This can act as a deterrent or enable you to notify the police that there’s a break-in in progress. We offer a range of choices so can advise you on the right system for your business. We also offer 24-hour monitoring of your alarm system which will also cover your CCTV if you have it installed with the alarm.

For any further information or advice regarding the right security system for your business, or to arrange your very own site survey, please get in contact with the Safe Simple Secure team.