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CCTV Installation

On the day your CCTV system is installed the engineers may require access to your attic space, upstairs cupboards or a suitable space for your DVR (they will advise you). We will need to run cables from these locations to each camera (again the engineers will go over the best routes and position for the cameras).

Once the installation is complete the engineers may require you to install an app on your phone or tablet. Please make sure you know your Apple ID or Google Play ID to install the app. You will need an email address and password to register, please have these ready.

CCTV Maintenance

The CCTV system is connected to your router by one of two ways. Either wired directly to your router or using home plugs (home plugs explained). Both solutions don’t use WiFi so changing your WiFi password will not affect them. However, if you change your router you will need to plug both of these back into your new router for the mobile apps to allow connection to the CCTV system.

Check your system once per week or more if possible to make sure it is showing pictures and recording accordingly. Using the video above check it is recording a few days worth of recordings.

Please keep any passwords handy, we do not keep a record of customers passwords so cannot help if you forget these.

If a problem arises please get in touch or call the office on 0131 558 9205.

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