Intruder Alarm

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Using your alarm system & resolving faults…

The easiest way to avoid false alarms is taking the time to close all doors and windows (including internal doors). This keeps drafts and circulating air to a minimum. Try to keep detectors free from dust and cob webs which will prevent spiders form making a home inside or around them. Birthday, celebratory and Christmas decorations are another common cause of false alarms. The movement alone is OK, couple that with warm air and drafts can lead to false alarms.

If the system does activate, entering your code, presenting your fob or pressing the ‘un-set’ button on your wireless fob will stop the alarm. The system will then tell you the sensor that activated. Try to see how this has happened and check for any of the above reasons. If there is no explanation then give us a call as we may need to adjust the sensitivity of the detector.

If you use the mobile app then you may be able to turn the system off from this. At the same time you can check the log to see the detector that has activated.

Be careful turning off the system without knowing what has happened as the activation could be a genuine intruder!

If the system is monitored with police response you will get 2 different types of activation. The first is an ‘unconfirmed’ alarm, which means one detector has activated. This could be a false alarm or a genuine intruder. The monitoring centre will call you or the key holder to tell you this. You will have to go and check the property for any signs of an intruder. The second is a ‘confirmed’ alarm, which means two detectors have activated. This is unlikely to be a false alarm. It could be someone forgetting the code and walking though the house or a genuine intruder. The police are alerted for a ‘confirmed’ alarm along with you or the key holder.

To reset the system once all is well and clear. Start setting the system, once it starts to set and you hear the normal tone enter to code again to switch it off. In most cases this resets the system. If not it may require an engineer reset, particularly after a confirmed alarm. Please call the office to do this.

If you see the fault symbol appear give the office a call on 0131 558 9205 and we will troubleshoot the fault and remedy as soon as possible.

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