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Alarm Monitoring Services For Your Business

Safe Simple Secure can offer alarm monitoring services in Edinburgh and across Scotland to add that extra layer of protection to your business. If you wish to have your burglar alarm system for your business monitored, Safe Simple Secure can link your system via a telephone line, cellular network or both to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Through connecting your security system to an ARC, you can have 24/7 security protection which is permanently manned by call centre staff who would contact the right authority if something happened on your premises. An ARC is bound by strict legislation which ensures that only the highest standard of operation is carried out.

The Need to Monitor Your Alarms

Emergency services, which include the police, no longer respond to ‘bell-only’ alarms, unless there is evidence to support that a crime has been committed. Police will only respond to commercial monitored alarms which qualify for police response. However, if your business does currently have a bell-only system, you are relying on a security guard (if available) to protect your assets.

Safe Simple Secure has a wide variety of commercial monitored alarm systems, including:

  • Redcare
  • Digital
  • Digi Air Sim
  • Dualcom G3, G4 and G5

Nowadays, most commercial burglar alarms incorporate a ‘Personal Attack Button’ facility somewhere on the remote keypad, however many systems still do not incorporate this feature. If your current alarm system does not have this feature, Safe Simple Secure can easily install them throughout your business’ premises. If a ‘Personal Attack Button’ is pushed from a commercial monitored alarm system, the local authorities would be contacted immediately.

Many battery-operated commercial fire and smoke detectors are not properly maintained. Even conventional stand-alone smoke alarms are not activated quickly enough to ensure that the individuals within a building are evacuated in time. With a commercial monitored alarm system, all occupants within the building are notified immediately in the event of a fire and the emergency services are called instantly.

Alarm Servicing and Maintenance for Businesses

To keep your commercial burglar alarm system at its best, we highly recommend that you have your alarm annually serviced. If your business’ security alarm system is not connected to a monitoring station, we would ensure that we provide you with a ‘bell-only’ monitoring and maintenance service.

Our Alarm Servicing and Maintenance Contracts

With each of our alarm servicing and maintenance contracts, we offer regular testing of your commercial alarm system. We ensure that each of our servicing services continues to follow in line with the European standards, the current ACPO Force Alarm Policy and the insurance company which guarantees that your business is operating the correct security system.

Our technically experienced team have the ability to identify any faults, breakages or damages that your alarm system may be experiencing. Unattended faulty alarm systems have the capacity to develop into more serious faults later down the line which may have an effect on how effective your alarm system is. We make sure that we change all sensor batteries every 2-3 years and any panel batteries every 5-8 years if your business happens to have a wireless security system.

A maintenance contract with Safe Simple Secure guarantees that you will gain the confidence at knowing your business’ valuables are safe and secure. It would also ensure that your business receives an urgent response upon activation of your commercial alarm system.

What’s Included in Our Annual Servicing and Maintenance Contract?

Within our annual commercial maintenance contract, your business could benefit from:

  • Full service on your business’ alarm system – testing all available sensors, sounders and settings.
  • Reduced price call outs for faults.
  • 24-hour response to repair any faults affecting your security system.
  • Flexible payment terms – monthly direct debits available at no extra cost.
  • Rest easy knowing your business’ alarm system receives an urgent response upon activation.

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