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Door Entry Systems for the Home in Edinburgh

Door entry systems control the access of people to flats, apartments or commercial premises.  At Safe Simple Secure we can install, upgrade or repair all aspects of door entry systems in Edinburgh and across Scotland, including;

  • Audio Entry Systems
  • Video Entry Systems
  • Biometric Entry Systems
  • Pin/Code Entry Systems
  • Card & Proximity Systems
  • Gate Entry Systems

Audio Entry Systems

The most popular entry system used in a communal stair is an audio entry system which is used by a number of people sharing a stair or apartment block.  Audio entry systems work through a call button and speech unit providing restricted access. An entry panel is located at the front door and each user will have a handset located inside their property to communicate with the person at the front door and provide access.

Video Entry Systems

Video entry systems are used by single or multiple users. Through the use of a camera at the main door with a call button, the user can view the visitor through a monitor on their handset located either in their property or on their phone. Phone access allows the user to permit access to visitors at any time from anywhere.

Biometric Entry Systems

Biometric entry systems control access to buildings through retina, fingerprint and facial recognition technology. The software restricts access unless users have been registered to the system. It is a solid door entry system which provides a full track record of access control, and unlike card, code or proximity readers, this privilege cannot be transferred.

Pin/Code Entry Systems

Code lock entry systems work through a pin code access. A keypad is located at the front door and users are provided with a pin which must be entered each time access is required.

Card/Proximity Readers

Card or Proximity door entry systems work through a magnetic stripe or chip technology. Users who have access to the building have a card or fob which must be swiped across a card reader. The system can have the functionality of a full history log of users.

Gate Entry Systems

Gate entry systems restrict vehicle access to premises. They are commonly found in car parks or residential homes with driveways where the front door is not easily accessible. Access can be obtained through video entry, card reader or through GSM provide remote access through your mobile phone.

Our Door Entry System Services

Door Entry Installations

We can provide installations for all of the services stated above. If you are looking to upgrade a current system or want to install a new system for scratch, we can help. Following a site survey, we will provide you with a quotation for the work including a timescale for completion. For communal door entry system installations, we will need access to all properties on the day of installation. All installations include a 12 month warranty, and we ask that all payments are managed by one person in the stair.

Door Entry System Repairs

We also provide repair services to all of the services stated above. If you have an audio door entry system which you do not have the full functionality, we recommend you speak to your neighbours to establish if this is a common fault or from your property only. If the fault is common, there could be a number of issues. Communal door entry systems can pose a number of issues, which can depend on the age, the way it has been installed and how it has been used. Please contact us with further information and we will undertake a site survey. If the fault appears to be in your property only, it may be the handset that needs to be replaced.

Door Entry Handset Replacements

If you are unable to buzz visitors into your home, you cannot hear speech or the visitor cannot hear your voice, then the handset may need to be replaced. We ask that you send us a photo of your current handset and the entry panel at the front door prior to your appointment to ensure the engineer has a compatible handset to replace on the day. We do advise on checking the fault with your neighbours to establish if this is a communal fault as replacing the handset may not resolve the issue.  Please email your handset photo to info@safesimplesecure.com.

For further information on our services and to arrange a quotation for a door entry system installation or repair, please don’t hesitate to contact us today and we would be happy to assist you.

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