There are 5 comments we often hear about home CCTV that are just not true.  Some may have been true in the past but new technology or a change in the way we live has meant they are no longer true.

We have nothing worthwhile stealing so don’t need CCTV

There are very few homes in Scotland today that don’t have at least some of the top items wanted by thieves:

  • Tablets & laptops
  • Smartphones
  • Cash
  • Jewellery
  • Bicycles

All these items are quick and easy to grab and then easy to sell on quickly.

CCTV costs too much

In the past CCTV was expensive and was used only for commercial properties or the very rich and famous. However, technology has developed rapidly in recent years and the price of a basic system has reduced to a level that is affordable for the majority of homeowners.

Not only is a CCTV system now affordable but installing one may also reduce your annual home insurance premium.  Also, with a CCTV being a great deterrent your insurance premium should reduce in the long term as you are making no claims.

You only need CCTV if you are a celebrity

The reality is that criminals don’t just target large mansions and celebrities. If thieves think your home is easy to access and they can grab a bit of cash and some jewellery it will be worthwhile.  Often stealing from a few smaller homes with no security is safer for the criminal than taking the chance of getting caught by the CCTV system on a larger home.

Having even a basic CCTV system is great for crime prevention.  If you have a family you want to protect them and ensure they are safe at all times.  It can be very scary for a child even knowing that someone has been in their house stealing things when they have been out.

You can get a friend to install it cheaply

Yes, this is true but you pay for what you get.

By contracting a security professional to install your CCTV you benefit from:

  • A good quality full HD 1080p or 4K recording, not 720p
  • The camera/s angled to capture an image of the intruder; not just the top of their head
  • Only filming what you are allowed to legally film
  • Hidden cabling and a neat installation
  • Infra-Red lighting on all cameras that provide clear visible pictures in total darkness
  • Metal cameras that are weatherproof, not cheap plastic
  • Set up of the monitoring system correctly so that you aren’t vulnerable to hackers
  • Support when things go wrong
  • Cameras situated in the best locations to be a deterrent

CCTV is not effective

Having a working CCTV system cannot guarantee that you won’t be burgled, however, Police statistics do prove that you are more likely to be targeted if you don’t have any home security.  A CCTV system is a proven method of crime prevention.

CCTV is effective especially for vulnerable homes such as those that lie empty all day or for long periods of time if you travel often, or are away on business. With CCTV, not only is it a deterrent but you can monitor your property from your Smart Phone wherever you may be.

If there are other homes near you with no CCTV, they are more likely to be targeted than your home.

Should you be unfortunate and still get burgled, having a working CCTV system will increase the chance of the criminals being witnessed, prosecuted and you getting your possessions returned.

At Safe Simple Secure in Edinburgh, we can design, supply and install a home CCTV system that meets the requirements of your home and is specific to your needs. If you have any further questions or would like a quote please do not hesitate to contact us.